Sunday, October 30, 2011

Staying Warm and Dry

Aah the Cozy Rock: warm, dry, and comforting.  The real world's not being so nice, so let's soak up some extra warmth hiding under here.  I think it's a hot chocolate kind of a day.  I'm thinking steaming hot, rich, liquid heaven topped with fluffy, gooey, giant marshmallows and sweet whipped cream.  Mmmm, makes me warm and happy just thinking about it.  Well that's got the warm and comforting bit down already!  I think we also need a little campfire here under our rock.  I love cuddling up under a blanket by the fire.  I think it's one of the most serene, relaxing things ever.  It's also one of those things that you can do all by yourself with your thoughts and your hot chocolate, but has a new dimension when you have someone (or a few people) to share it with.  That special someone, or your group of friends can bring that warm, comforting feeling deeper inside than your hot chocolate can; past your bones and into your soul.  Even if we're all just sitting, huddled around our fire, sipping our perfect beverages, and not saying a thing.  That sense of belonging, of companionship, of Love, helps us to keep our spirit warm, dry, and comforted too.

Now, maybe you are in the mood for a little campfire singalong, instead of the quiet reflection of my reverie.  Well, the awesome thing about this Cozy Rock that we share, is that we can all have exactly what we need!  What makes you warm and comfortable?  What drys out the cold, damp patches of your day?  A hug?  A smile from your baby?  Maybe a bright and bubbly conversation over dinner with friends?  Ooh, maybe we could set that up under here too, a little away from the campfire.  What we need is one of those big, long, solid wood dining tables from an ancient castle.  Big enough to seat at least 50 people, with magnificent candelabras down the center of the table, beautiful bouquets of flowers, fine china, shining, polished silverware, goblets of wine, and platters filled with fragrant, exotic delicacies.  Could you please pass the gravy?  Of course just because we're having a wonderfully opulent feast, doesn't mean we have to talk about things that aren't interesting.  What fantastic and exciting things are going on in your friends' lives?  Or yours?  Did you see the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup?  Did you go to the parade?  Have you read anything good recently?  Planning any exciting adventures?  Oh what fun!  What a way to recharge!

Is there anything else you think we need under our Cozy Rock?  I'm sure we have room. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Welcome to The Cozy Rock!  I've been looking for a cozy rock to hide under for a while now (on and off), and it looks like I've found one.  It's nice and warm under here, and the outside world can't come in and interrupt.  I'm hoping to make this a friendly place to hang out, maybe share a glass of wine, and completely ignore the madness of the "real world" for a while.  Feel free to come and join me whenever you like!

If you're a parent, a student, a working professional, or someone trying to be one or any combination of these things you have probably been looking for a rock to hide under too.  If you have small children you might have made your own rock out of cardboard boxes as a "creative exercise" and refused to come out (and I really don't blame you).  I myself have contemplated hiding under my desk on occasion.  So since the madness does nasty things to my blood pressure, lets not talk about it 'kay?  We'll just hide here for a while and pretend that it doesn't exist until we have the energy to return to the trenches and restore order to the chaos (for the 100th time this week).

So, my plan is to focus on amusing anecdotes from my life, maybe throw in some funny pictures, let you know about things that make my life easier that you might like, and mostly dream.  I think dreaming is the best way to relax and unwind.  It helps recharge my batteries and restore some motivation.  I'll tell you about some of my dreams, and I'd love to hear about yours!

So grab yourself a glass of Riesling and lets get started shall we?