Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Venturing Beyond the Rock

Yesterday was a lovely day!  There was beautiful sunshine, and autumn coloured leaves, and a wonderful warmth outside.  It was so lovely that I even ventured out from under my Cozy Rock and went for a walk with my little Cuddlebug.  We stayed away from any madness, I assure you, and quite enjoyed our little adventure.

I think a change of scenery (and watching the scenery change, as it does), can be a wonderfully recharging activity.  There's nothing quite like watching golden leaves drift gracefully down from the trees, seeing squirrels foraging and frolicking, and getting some cleansing fresh air to clear out the cobwebs.

Now, I must admit that I had to give myself a little push to venture out.  I could see the warm, inviting glow of the sun from beyond the shadows.  It beckoned to me until I finally got us both in shoes and socks and out the door.  Today is looking quite pleasant too.  I'm thinking I will take advantage of as much sunshine and beauty outside as I can before I am confined to the warm coziness of my rock for the winter.  Oh, but before that arrives, we have an exciting adventure!  I will tell you all about it, I promise.  The Cuddlebug and I will be traveling around the world to visit my family in New Zealand next week.  I'm sure there will be madness, but I will share all the fun with you while I'm there.

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